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Increase the daily referee proposal to be withdrawn before vote

US time on Wednesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters reported that on Thursday, at the Virtual League, the change of gambling kick rules will continue to vote, but the two proposals Arizona Cardinals jerseys for sale the Tianjiakian referee have been withdrawn.

According to reports, nfl jerseys online the alliance originally scheduled to test the day-eyed referee during the season, but the regular season did not change the plan of the referee group.

Because there is currently no power to determine how much power should have, chinese jersey store the two proposals are stagnant. However, football jerseys cheap the Competition Commission still supports further analysis.

The two proposals were proposed by crows and lightning, respectively. The first item is to increase the eighth referee, and the second item is to add a senior technology consultant to help the referee group look back.

The heavenly referee has been implemented shortly in the American Rugby Federation, but because the alliance died and faded out of the public vision.

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