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Los Angeles Lightning and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Dushing Hand Mervent – Engraz is about 4 years

Beijing June 12th, last summer, San Diego Lightning and the first round of Joe Joe-Bosa contract dispute lasted atlanta falcons jerseys for sale a long time. But they are now ensuring that the first season will not be repeated with the team privilege label Melvin Ingram, in the first season of relocating to Los Angeles.

Lightning Sunday announced that it has been with Inglam for cheap nike jerseys 4 years. The new contract is worth 66 million, including $ 42 million security income.

Ingerah finally achieved the goal of $ 1.82.5 million in a 5-year $ 82.5 million in $ 52.5 million in a 5-year 82.5 million US contracts, a 5-year $ 52.5 million contract.

Engraham and jerseys football Lightning have signed a long to have a long time before July 15. If both parties can’t sign a long agreement, then Ingram has been playing in the new season to 14 million US dollars, which will let him fall in the future of lightning.

After the injury was injured in the 2013 season and the 2014 season, it has returned to health in Engram in the past two seasons, and the first 32 games have been taken in 18.5 killing and dedication. Last season he and the best defensive player Carrier Mac Mack became only in the past two seasons. Every season, it took at least 50 times to hold 8 times.

Now, the combination of Ingram and Boss will be lightning effective to the 2020 season. There are also many excellent players, including Jason Verrett, and 2015 professional bowls. Casey Hayward.

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