Sex worker, 37, donates second-hand outfits to charity on Adults Only!

A sex worker shocked viewers of Channel 5’s Adults Only!

after revealing she donates her second-hand outfits to charity shops.

Jema Gilsenan, 37, from Kent, appeared on the show last night as she discussed transforming into her alter-ego Princess Levi when she works as a cam-girl.

The sex worker said her clients will often pay her up to £450 to dress-up in different costumes, meaning she regularly does clear-outs and sends unwanted garments to charity shops.

But many viewers were stunned at the prospect, with one sharing the vomiting emoji and writing: ‘Who would want a second hand outfit?’

Jema Gilsenan, 37, from Kent, shocked viewers of Channel 5’s Adults Only!

after revealing she donates her second-hand outfits to charity shops

Another sarcastically added: ‘I’m sure the local Marie Curie will be delighted to receive a naughty nurse outfit.’ 

Jema appeared on the programme as she began to sort through the old costumes and clothing in her enormous walk-in wardrobe.


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Through her webcam work, she has built up a huge collection of outfits in order to keep her followers happy.

The webcam girl explained: ‘I’ve got one caller who literally will spend maybe £400 to £450 watching me do dress up. 

Jema, who performs as a webcam girl, said one of her most popular costumes was a police women outfit (pictured) 

‘Many of these outfits are going into the charity shop, but there’s one that is too special for that.

It’s my playboy bunny costume.’

As she sorted the clothing into separate piles, she explained: ‘If they want you to dress up, I’d say eight times out of ten, it’s going to be a sexy secretary. It’s rare for them to ask for nurse.’

She added: ‘Oh no, actually, a very popular outfit of mine is policewoman.’   

Holding up a tiny bra to the camera, the sex worker joked: ‘I can’t really give that to charity can I?

No, they’re not going to want that.’ 

Jema admitted she was struggling to part with stuff, and tried to rope in  her teenager daughter Ellie to help.

She called Ellie into the room, asking her: ‘Stop moaning for once!

I need your help with something. I need to put something in the loft.’ 

The webcam girl revealed she can be paid up to £450 to dress up in raunchy outfits before donating the garments to charity shops

And it’s not long before the youngster is clambering into the loft space to store away some of the costumes, uttering: ‘This is so dangerous.

Why do I have to do this bit?’

With the unwanted outfits bagged up, Jema handed the bin bags to a taxi driver, who planned to drop them off to a charity shop, while the rest of the outfits were destined for the rubbish. 

With spring cleaning done, it was time for Jema to get done to busy and transform into her alter ego Princess Levi.

She explained: ‘The minute I put my outfit on and my makeup, I don’t consciously change.

I don’t think, “Okay, I’ve got to be Levi now.” 

‘It’s automatic, I just turn into Levi.’

Jema, who lives with her teenager daughter, said she transforms into Princess Levi as soon as she puts a costume on 

Speaking to the camera, she explained she was planning to put shoes on later, before revealing her fluffy slippers to the camera, adding: ‘I know you guys like  it.’

She said: ‘I like Levi.

When I’m Levi, I’m like this goddess, I have lots of slaves that are falling at my feet. And then obviously, I’m all sorts of tits and teeth and stuff really.’

But the main thing that draws viewers is her feet, with Levi explaining: ‘I’ve got amazing feet. 

‘I’d worship them myself if I could get down there but my boobs sort of get in the way.’

With nearly 20 year experience, Jema knows how to please her clients, telling the camera: ‘I guarantee I’m going to put a huge smile on your face tonight.

Viewers were left stunned by the programme, with many saying they were shocked after the sex worker donated second-hand garments to charity 

‘All you need to do is send me that message and I will start booking you all in for lots and lots of naughtiness.’

She added: ’80p for 12 seconds, not that bad.’

Many viewers were left horrified by the programme, with one commenting: ‘Yeah right.

That cab driver has had them for himself!’ 

Another wrote: ‘I’m clearly in the wrong profession.’ 

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