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Walter M. Wotton, Mrs. Evora Wotton, Mrs. Sarah A. Higgins. Committee on Sports Albert Hall, - Frank Bean (Chairman), Chester Hall, James H, Chickering David: If – big “if” here – they can magically hire some great people to come in and actually build a really good user experience here. If they can pull it off – I don’t think they will – they will spend $54.5 million to win this category. Making a straight bet means that the team you have wagered on must win by the point spread given at the time. Customers making Quick Code bets over the phone using 3- or 4-digit codes were having the length of their calls logged. So they paid just over 50 cents per registered user. Watch Over 3500 thousand HD TV on your PC. Bobble heads, clothing, mouse pads and a thousand other items. David: Time. All right. Ben: I think it’s time. I think it’s one of our best early episodes. Pocket Cast could have been a potential one. Knowing the potential size of the TED audience, I honed my talk and visuals with months of practice. Unless you want to talk business.

This is a people business, not a tech business. It’s an exciting new development that is attracting new people to the world of betting. It’s raw but it was good. David: Marco Arment. It’s great. Even having a great system there is nonetheless an chance that you may possibly lose. Leave Bryan Reeves alone, not everyone has what it takes to be a great basketball player, the Chicago bulls drafted a few players (post Jordan era) that were run out of the league in a hurry. Ben: Yeah. Hey, I also just figured out in looking at CrunchBase to see if Shifty Jelly, the awesomely named parent company behind Pocket Cast, if they’d raise any money. Shout-out down under. Yeah, if you know anything about Pocket Cast, hit us up in the Slack Community or by email. Ben: I wonder how many users Pocket Cast has? Oh, Pocket Cast? I don’t know. David: Oh, cool. Very cool.

David: Well, that’s what I’m getting to. That’s what bootstrapping is all about, but it applies just as much to self-funded startups as those that have received VC investments. That’s fairly cheap for a pretty big head start. It also provides information on team status and gives an overview of what to expect in the upcoming sports matches. If you have experienced betting on your favorite sports, I am pretty sure that you are well- familiar with the sports betting odds. Well professional sports handicapped guarantees an 82% winning percentage better. Did you ever see yourself doing this so soon? I learned from magazines and books, but I also learned from watching what some of the up and coming technology companies of the day were doing. She’s a performer who wows the crowd at her reaping by singing a folk song to the watching audience. So they didn’t have anybody that they could build this internally and then who were they going to buy? They’re not going to buy Overcast which I use and love. We’d love to chat about it.

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