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November, the best players of the United States, United States of America announced

When the regular season is gradually tail, November’s game dedicates many amazing moments. Many players perform dazzling.

The following is the best player in November Cheap Jerseys NFL:

United Unitediance

Best offensive player: Baltimore Crow 4 points Wei Mal Jackson

Jackson continued to play well in the November game. In the past 5 weeks, he was successfully passed by 78 times (72.9% success rate), obtained 882 yards, 14 times, no pass, no pass, four-point guards reached 136.8, ranant first. In addition, he was 80.2 yards in his field, and it was 4 times.

Best Defensive Players: cheap jerseys online Pittsburgh Steel Man T. J. Watt (T.j. Watt)

Watt has brought huge trouble for the opponent’s four-point guard in the past five weeks, and Cheap Jerseys from china free shipping a total of 6.5 times. In addition, he got 16 cockroaches, 5 hugs, resulting in the number of damage to the code, 2 times destroyed the ball and twice forced the ball.

Month Best Secret Group Player: Kansas City Chief Kicksharrison Butker

In the ninth week, Buck completed the killing of Niotida, which was almost perfect in the 5th week of November, 11 times, 11 times, including 5 times 40 yards, all-in-one and 3 The 50 yards were used to serve as the performance of the kick. In addition, he was 12 times in the event of 13 times. In November, he had a total of 42 points, and the ranking of the third.

National offer

Best offensive players: New Orleans Saint End Michael Thomas

As the only outer hand that is likely to be MVP, Thomas proves its strength. He completed 37 shots in the 5th week of the game, ranked first, and a total of 415 yards was reached. Available in the data rankings of the ball 103.8 yards.

Month Best Defensive Player: San Francisco 49 people Wales Freed – Warner

In the past 5 weeks of game, Warna has at least 9 cockroaches. He has achieved 53 cockroaches in November, and the ranking is second. In addition, it has also achieved 3 kills. 2 forced the ball forcing the ball, 4 times, resulting in the number of damage to the number and 4 times.

Monthly Best Secret Group Player: Chicago Bear Ball Back to Attack Cordarrel Patterson

Kadrell Patson is the most concerned by the performance of the ball, but his performance in the special group is not only the case. He pushed 29.4 yards in 10 kick attacks. In addition, in the twelfth week of defeating the New York Giants, he won 3 times and cracked. 2 times will abandon the kicks, the opponent offensive initiation position is limited to 10 yards Within the line.

Best offensive rookie: Auckland raid, Josh Jacobs, Josh Jacobs

Jacobs continued to lead the best offensive rookie to the year, and he once again showed excellent in November. He promoted 485 yards in the offensive group, which is the most in the rookie. Among them, he walked up 441 yards 3 times.

Best defensive new show: Tampawan pirate line Wei Den WHITE (DEVIN white)

In November’s game, White’s data is very beautiful. He won a total of 46 cockroaches, 2 times, resulting in the number of damage to the number, 2.5 times, 2 times forced the ball, 2 times destroyed the ball, 1 copy and 1 time to rush back the ball right and attack Deta, including 1 game and 1 game for 1 game and 1 game.

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