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Kuboyi wants Davis to play an important role

Vernon Davis will usher in the first show of the transfer of Denver’s wild horse this week. The head kubiak, Gary Kubiak, is full of experienced close-end, and he revealed after the team training on Friday, and Davis will become an important part of the wild horse offense.

Kubiak said: “cheap jerseys for sale the coach, how to use him is a problem that is a hurtful brain. Because you don’t want to push the player into a environment that makes him feel uncomfortable. So we will only pay attention to him I feel good, in front of such a tough game, any decision will be very difficult. But he is eager to help the team, he also has the ability to do this. He is eager to participate in the game, he will come together in a week. “

Kubiak revealed that Davis’s appearance time, but even if he still is an important part of the team attack: “He will participate in the game. This week we asked him to do some work, he completed Very good, we feel great. “Davis pushed 194 yards during the 49 people in San Francisco this season. As of this week, the close-up combination of the wild horses Combination Owen-Dan Daniels and Virgil wholesale Green Bay Packers jerseys from china have completed 23 bolts. Davis’s joining will provide more ball choices for wholesale jerseys PEYTON Manning.

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